First Glance, Meet the Pack

As the websites looking a little bare and I’m sitting on some preliminary sketches courtesy of Hedjeroo, (Whose creating Lunacy’s 2d art for us,) I think it’s time to start introducing Lunacy’s protagonists.

Ivorie and Colt:

A former black ops operative with professed government ties, Ivorie was responsible for getting the pack together. She makes no secret of the fact that her primary goal is the recovery of the city but seems driven to rescue as many civilian lives as she can in the process. She places a great deal of pressure on herself, believing that there will be dire consequences for the city should the pack fail to counteract the zombie threat. Rumour has it that she grew up near the city, but she has refused to confirm this.

Colt is the epitome of Zen, always calm and collected even in the face of certain death. He keeps to himself, never sharing more personal details then he needs to. He’s well respected amongst the pack and probably the closest thing it has to a true leader. Every step he takes is firm and considered, as if burned by the weight of past mistakes. Despite his calm emotionless exterior Colt has a surprising tendency for kindness, leading others to the theory that he’s a man looking for redemption.

Stay tuned, two more protagonists still to come.

About Tom

I’m a games design graduate with one simple (and rather predicable) goal, to make fun games. My weapons of choice are Photoshop, Blender, C# and Unity, whilst my favored platforms are iOS and Windows Phone. My blog, None Studios, plays host to all my games published, planned or somewhere in between.

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