Meet Griogair

I’ve been buried under bureaucracy since Launch Conference, so I’ve got nothing exciting to report. But I do still have more characters to introduce! Meet Griogair:

A slave to his inner-­beast Griogair makes no effort to control his rage, letting it rise to the surface moments from its conception. A lifetime of brash hostility has made him a huge tank of a man which only the brainless dead would dare cross. He came to the city to let his aggression run free, dreaming of new challenges and fights he’d never get away within the civilised world. As long as his need for violence is kept sated Griogair is actually quite friendly and optimistic, some might even say jolly, but not to his face.

One more pack member to come!

About Tom

I’m a games design graduate with one simple (and rather predicable) goal, to make fun games. My weapons of choice are Photoshop, Blender, C# and Unity, whilst my favored platforms are iOS and Windows Phone. My blog, None Studios, plays host to all my games published, planned or somewhere in between.

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