Meet Lupa

With the bureaucracy & organization side of things almost settled, (I’m mostly just stuck waiting for companies to process things now), I’ve finally joined Andy in-engine and I’m happy to report myself and Unity are getting along like a house on fire.

Anyway, time to introduce Lunacy’s final protagonist:

Lupa is short, feral and unpredictable. Whilst Griogair may have become a slave to his inner beast, she has become one with hers, existing in harmony with it much like an animal would. Apparently found in some backwoods living like a wild animal, efforts were made to make her more cultured but the results have been mixed. Lupa can use firearms, read, write and knows not to attack survivors, but is still prone to animalistic behavior. She speaks only in rare instances, and then only to bestow a kind of mystifying wisdom which whilst rarely easily comprehendible or sane-sounding normally has some basis in simple natural truth. She views the rest of the pack much like a wolf would and as she considers Ivorie the alpha female, rarely attempts to make leadership decisions.

The site may become quieter over the next month, as I’ll be focusing on getting the game to a screenshot worthy state.

About Tom

I’m a games design graduate with one simple (and rather predicable) goal, to make fun games. My weapons of choice are Photoshop, Blender, C# and Unity, whilst my favored platforms are iOS and Windows Phone. My blog, None Studios, plays host to all my games published, planned or somewhere in between.

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