Hello and welcome to None Studios – this blog charts my adventures into professional games development. Who am I? My name is Tom Skuse; I’m a games design graduate with one simple (and rather predicable) goal, to make fun games. My weapons of choice are Photoshop, Blender, C# and Unity, whilst my favored platform is iOS.

This site plays host to all my games published, planned or somewhere in between. I don’t always work alone and thusly can’t claim full credit for Lunacy, which has had up to four people creating content for it previously.

As for why I chose None Studios as a name: the inspiration can be traced back to Edinburgh Interactive, where a misunderstanding involving obligatory company name fields led to my friend and I wearing nametags saying we were from “None”. After a couple of days of people squinting at my nametag and questioning this “None Company” it seemed my future was predestined.