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Lunacy: Werewolves vs Zombies is a light hearted action game for mobile platforms which pitches a diverse cast of werewolves against the questionable perils of Zombies, Zomb-Bees and a Vampire T-Rex tentatively named Trevor.

Coming to iOS first Lunacy builds upon familiar top-down duel-stick gameplay with the ability to scavenge for supplies, sniff out survivors and transform into a werewolf.

• Pick from four different werewolf characters to play as; with the option to experience the story from their perspective through their journals.

• Collect and wield an arsenal of weapons in human form, from close combat weapons to rifles to duel pistols.

• Build up your rage, transform into a werewolf and plunge head first into the zombie horde!

• Journey deeper down the rabbit hole; the further into Luna City you go, the stranger things get.

Luna City has been quarantined and our lupine heroes deployed as outside authorities desperately scramble to find a non-nuclear solution to the undead plague. Will you carve a path through the city’s increasingly surreal threats to uncover the force behind this undead menace?

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