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Intergalactic space squid are terrorizing the universe blocking trade routes and preventing all-important supplies from reaching their destinations.

The last hope for humanity lies with the tired and rusting space freighter Old Jolty; decommissioned long ago but haphazardly brought back to life for one final journey. She has no weapons and she can’t turn left, but she must save the cosmos!

But how can she defeat the squidly hordes with no weapons? By spinning around them so fast that they explode in confusion!

Old Jolty is an action game with puzzle elements based around the perilous task of orbiting space squid in a ship that can only turn right. Orbiting one is easy enough, but with each squid you orbit you’ll get faster and you’ll need to make sure you remember to dodge those asteroids on the way! The squid have a nasty habit of pushing them around the area.

Key Features:

• Simple yet challenging gameplay: you play with just one button and a handful of different obstacles yet it’s far from a cakewalk.

• Part-Action Part-Puzzle: the game calls upon your ability to steer old Jolty past and around obstacles, but can also force you to think about how to complete missions.

• 20 distinct missions: the game is segmented into twenty squid-filled levels easy to play in and around your schedule.

• Different difficulties for different people: game difficulty can be changed between Easy, Normal or Challenging via the options menu.

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