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UI Breakdown and Progress Update

(Note: The gameplay image above uses placeholders instead of scenery, gameplay will get prettier, honest!)

I’m long overdue going into some detail about the game itself, so with out further ado, here’s a breakdown of Lunacy’s core UI and Controls:

  • XP: Tracks your experience points, fills up into a half moon shape.
  • Rage: Tracks how much rage you’ve acquired during the session. When it becomes full this meter starts to flash and tapping it will activate your werewolf transformation.
  • Equipped Weapons: Your character’s ranged and melee weapon for this session. That question mark is just a placeholder filling in until melee weapons are implemented.
  • Reserve Ammo: How much ammo you have remaining outside of your weapon.
  • Loaded Ammo: How much ammo you have remaining loaded into your weapon and ready to fire.
  • Health: This ones pretty self-explanatory.
  • Left Joystick: Controls your character’s movement direction. Double tap changes your weapon.
  • Remaining Moonlight: Tells you how much time you have left before the game session ends.
  • Right Joystick: Controls your character’s shooting direction. Double tap reloads, moving ammo from reserve to loaded.

I can also report the following progress since my last post here:

  • I’ve added blood splatter effects.
  • Finished the Zombie models.
  • Put said models into the engine and animated them.
  • Built upon the zombie AI so they now have dodgable attacks, and we have some measure of control over whether they pause prior to or after throwing a punch.
  • Implemented Hedjeroo’s lovely UI.

Sadly I couldn’t attend GameDevNorth last week but myself, Andy and hopefully a much prettier build of the game should be at the first GameDevMidlands later this week.

Another Progress Update

We’ve settled on developing Lunacy for iPhone 4 and higher only, allowing us to take advantage of higher resolution displays. Sadly it simply makes more sense for our first game then throwing more time and money at trying to support anything older.

Since my last post I have mastered the awesome power of Blender, along with the new Unity Mecanim Animation system (Which is great btw) and can report the following progress:

  • Colt is in game and functioning.

  • The animations for protagonists moving about with and without duel ranged weapon sets have been implemented. Adding in any other ranged weapon from here on is easy. Likewise adding other protagonists would be easy from here on, if they weren’t more time intensive to model.

  • I’ve jazzed up the gun firing FX.

We’re aiming to have all our placeholders replaced with functioning game assets soon and have the games first proper build with us at GameDevNorth later this month. I’ll also endeavor to post updates here more frequently from now on.

And now, a random artdump; It’s 3D Colt next to 2D Colt.  (We’re going with pretty minimalistic 3d graphics on this to leave plenty of processing power for zombie hordes.)